Game of Thrones is definitely one of the best series ever created and it has recently has finished season 3 with record-breaking ratings. Reports say that the next season will start in Spring 2014. A long wait for the fans!

Compared to all other season finales, I must say that season 3 finale (S03E10, Mhyasa) gave me a relief. Season 2 was really a cliffhanger with the closing scene showing the white walkers’ army marching towards the wall. This season there is no such cliffhangers, instead, there is a lot of ‘homecomings’ to sort of ‘calm your mind’. Sam returning from the North, Jon escaping from the wildlings and coming back to Castle Black, Jaimie coming back to home..all these gave a chance to get our breath back from the heart-breaking events of the previous episodes.

At this point, here I show you two of the best scenes of the season 3. Unlike many other ‘best scenes of the season’ out there that gives much attention to the ‘visual delight’ and the ‘breadth of the screen’ the following scenes are not so. These scenes areĀ enlivened by the sharp dialogues and the performance of the actors (not to mention the smart direction of the scenes!).

Watch these scenes here:

Did you like these? or what are you favorites scenes then? Comment below!