Soon, there will be a Hydrogen Sulfide mask just near to an Oxygen mask in most of the hospitals!

Ever thought of waking through the sanitizer-washed floors, past the Dettol-smelling walls of a hospital only to encounter the stench of rotten egg? If you have never thought of this then better be ready for it, because researchers around the world are accumulating evidences for the role and beneficial effects of the nasty, rotten egg smelling Hydrogen Sulfide,H2S.

Hydrogen Sulfide is one of the spiteful smelling gases and it is extremely noxious. This may be the main reason why scientific world never thought of even its presence in human body, although its toxic effects were known for centuries. Even though the physiological role and mechanism of action of other gases like Nitric oxide (NO) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) were known for some time, the discovery of H2S in the body was a surprise to the scientific world. Since then this area has been under hot pursuit.

But, how and why H2S has a role in normal human physiology? To answer this we have to page back to the early days on earth, some 250 million years, when the outlook towards life was very different from now. – Tell Me More Dude!>