Yes..the wait is over for Craig Venter and his team when the 15 year-long pursuit of making the first synthetic cell came to an end in the month of May 2010. This is one of the milestones in the history of synthetic biology and in the field of science itself. Craig venter and colleagues of his J Craig Venter Institute has again proved the conventional wisdom wrong by completing such a daunting project.

Dr.Venter’s JCVI team included  science superstars like Hamilton Smith, Clyde Hutchison,Daniel Gibson, Ph.D and many others.Hamilton Smith, affectionately called “Ham” is the winner of 1978 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on restriction endonucleases. Clyde Hutchison was a member of the team that sequenced the genome of phiX174 and also has worked extensively on site directed mutagenesis.He missed the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry although Micheal smith who worked in the same field got it along with Karry Mullis,the inventer of PCR. Venter and co. used the bioinformatics tool to design the chromosome, synthesized it using the four building blocks of life (the bases Adenine,Guanine,Cytosine and Thymine) and then assembled  it in yeast before transplanting it into a recipient bacterial cell. This bacterial cell was then transformed into a new bacterial species.

The new species they created has some extraordinary elements in its genome including a website!! Watch the Man himself revealing the thrilling story behind this mammoth task.

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