Consano brings the power of crowdfunding to boost innovations in the field of cancer research

Consano brings the power of crowdfunding to boost innovations in the field of cancer research

For those who are in the field of tech startups, music, charity, personal financing, etc. Crowdfunding is no longer a newer idea. But, the idea of raising funds from public has attracted serious attention from the world one expect the least – the science world- as a way to fund innovative academic research, especially with the recent slashing of research budget across many of the top funding agencies in the world.

When Molly Lindquist heard that the lump on her breast was  ‘strongly suspected to be a cancer’, she could not think of anything other than how to save her two daughters, to whom she must have passed on those genes she inherited from her grandma Caroline who died of breast cancer at the age of 46. That thought Molly says changed her life and inspired her to start Consano, a project that will help people to donate directly to those medical research project that means something to you.

Consano which revolves around ‘3H’s – Hope, Honor, and Heal has made collaborations with several of the research institutions and has put together a list of projects to which the people can directly donate to. And you can do this in simple steps: Find projects that you want to contribute to, pay the money (small or large amount), receive quarterly updates from the researchers. Consano will give 97.8% of your money directly to support the project (rest will be taken as PayPal processing charge).

If you are a researcher with a life-saving idea which the funding agencies considers otherwise, Consano can also help you get the public fund that project. Just email your details and get started. Once you submit the application the rest will happen fast. A scientific advisory committee of Consano will sit together to review your project, will communicate their suggestions on improvements if any, and after that your project is up there in, all this in about 2-3 weeks!!

Currently there are about 7 projects available in Consano including those from UCSF and UW Medicine and the numbers are only going to increase.

So the next time somebody says you don’t have the brains for research, don’t despair..tell them you’ve more than a brain – a kind heart!

You can watch a video on Consano here and another one below: