I confess…

I am not an elegant writer. I do not have any personal history of even just scribbling some sentences-especially in the language which I am using now. My personal connection with this widely used language remains in the academic use only. For that reason I do not even know depth of grammar. I know this sounds like a big embarrassing thing, but have patience(or courage!) to understand the condition that I suffer.

Yes, it is hard to make people understand.Even worse is that you try to make them understand,knowing that they will probably not understand . Worst is that you try to make them understand, knowing that you can never make them understand! The grip on the language is the most important factor there and I am missing it.

Any way, this is my new project. Yes, I have had quite a few like these before. I abandoned all of them due to multiple reasons. But this one I hope will stay forever.

Oh..I did not mention anything about why I started this blog or what my true intentions are by starting a blog.  I created this blog mainly to post the things I have read related to the life science field. I think that magazines like GEO and Scientific American are great because thy provide you with the latest and hot topics that are relevant at the moment. I like to read those a lot. It is my intention to tell the world about the things I have read in my own way,language and expressions. Because I spend quite a lot of time (I am trying hard not to ) browsing the internet I thought it will be nice if I could  save some of the time and use it productively(At least I can develop my language skills and memory!) and hence this blog came to a birth.

I do not know how often can I post in this blog,but it is my best interest to post as often as I can. It will be an encouragement for me if I could see some followers and comments.

That is all.